BMW R1200S Handlebar Riser 50mm (2")

BMW R1200S Handlebar Riser 50mm (2")
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  • Item #: VER 4901-901226
  • Manufacturer: MV Verholen
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Price $399.99

R1200S Handlebar Risers - 50 mm move
A sporty motorcycle like the BMW R1200S gets plus points with the addition of MV's handlebar adapter.

The adapter brings the handlebars 50 mm closer to the driver.

All lines and cables are long enough and don't need to be replaced, but will need to be rerouted.

The kit includes two aluminum wedges that are used to slightly raise the fairing. Therefore, at full impact, the handlebars do not contact the fairing

****Does not work on K1200S or R1100S****
Manufactured in Germany by MV Verholen

***Installation of Handlebar adapter "risers" or Footpeg lowering kits can be considered an "Advanced" installation by some. Since we are unaware of each individuals mechanical ability, we recommend these parts be installed by a certified motorcycle technician that is proficient on your model of motorcycle and understands the demands and requirements to install "aftermarket" parts.